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Perfect paragraph Week 10

Submitted by cgualtieri on Thu, 11/08/2018 - 17:57

The aim of this experiment was to use wild type and mutant strains of Chromobacterium violaceum to explore N-acyl-homoserine lactone (AHL) based quorum sensing in Gram negative bacteria. AHLs are signal molecules produced by Gram negative rods. They regulate antibiotic synthesis, expression of virulence genes, biofilm formation, and several other cellular activities. Two genes are responsible for AHL mediated gene regulation. One encodes a transcriptional regulatory protein (R gene), and the other encodes the enzyme AHL synthase (I gene). The presence and proper functioning of these two genes is essential for the target genes to be transcribed. AHL synthase produces AHL molecules, which are classified by their side chain length and molecular structure. AHL synthases differ between each genus of bacteria, and produce AHL molecules that are slightly different from each other. Most regulator proteins that bind AHL molecules are specific for a certain AHL structure, but some can bind more than one type of AHL. This can create the phenomenon of cross-communication between different species of bacteria. This experiment was done to explore quorum sensing in Gram negative bacteria and determine if different species of bacteria could communicate with C. violaceum.  



This was a well written paragragh and you did a good job describing the details concisely. You managed to describe a detailed biological process in one paragraph. Also, you had solid introduction and conclusion sentences. 


Depending on where this is being published you should look at the capitalization of "Gram". Usually, when talking about a Gram stain or Gram staining, "Gram" is considered a proper noun and is capitalized. However, when it is referring to gram-positive or gram-negative bacteria, it is often not capitalized. This may be arbitrary, but it would be a good idea to check where you may be publishing to see how others have worded it so that it is formally done upon submission.