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Gadidae - PP

Submitted by mtracy on Sat, 11/03/2018 - 21:57


The family Gadidae contains fish such as the cod and haddock. There are 24 species of fish in this family. All of the Gadidae are marine dwelling fishes, with the exception of the Lota lota which lives in freshwater. This family is united by several characteristics. These fish have a single chin barble, three dorsal fins, two anal fins, and a diphycercal tail. Their pelvic fin is anterior to their pectoral fin, located along the same axis and close to their rostral end.

The Atlantic cod is a very notable species of Gadidae. These are a very R-Selected fish and females of about 5kg will lay 9 million eggs, though the amount will vary depending on the size of the fish. Cod are relatively long lived and live to be about 25 years of age. They are predators and will eat both other fish and invertebrates. Due to their low red muscle and high white muscle content, Cod are the perfect food fish. Their high presence in the north eastern united states have made them an economic staple. Unfortunately commercial fishing has diminished their populations drastically. Unfortunately global warming is making it more difficult for Cod to reproduce and further diminishing populations. Generally  Atlantic Cod only like to reproduce in waters colder than 12C, so even a tiny shift in temperature can have a drastic impact on their survival.



Overall, there is a surplus of good information in this post. The only critique i could offer is that you use the word "Unfortunately" to start two adjacent sentences in your last paragraph, maybe next time either join the sentences together or use a synonym.

The only suggestion I have is that the senetnces seem short and choppy. The introduction sentence is very bland and could use some detail to catch the readers attention.