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No Such Thing as a Perfect Parent

Submitted by tokiokobayas on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 14:38

    Parenting is without a doubt one of the most difficult and ambiguous phases of life. For a lot of people, parenting does not come easily for them. Not many parents get the privilege to take a couple child psychology courses in high school or college, or even get the chance to be prepared to be parents in some cases. It’s difficult to have the patience to deal with children, or to deal with the idea that you have to compromise on “their level” in certain cases. The entirety of parenting ranges a huge spectrum of different problems and situations that it cannot possibly be entirely encompassed within a crash course of any sort. Because there’s no way to “cheat” when parenting, no one knows how to do it perfectly. It’s almost like as if it’s a craft that does not have a single perfect craftsmen, and everyone has their own ways of doing things.