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Week 12- Draft 3

Submitted by aswan on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 00:14

The likely mechanism controlling the interaction between fir and aspen trees is facilitative succession. This occurs to be the mechanism forwarding the secondary succession found in the example, as aspen tree density expansion allows for fir trees to be able to establish themselves within the environment. This is shown in Figure 2 as the figure shows the progression of the respective densities of the two trees in the context of the different successional stages. In Figure 2 it shows that aspen trees are able to establish themselves in meadows and in turn increase in density until aspen trees are able to grow and eventually overtake them density wise. Aspens allow for the conditions that that lead to fir population growth, thus showing the facilitative succession that is occurring. Figure 3 also shows that facilitation succession is occurring. In the experimental circumstances created by the scientists, aspen trees were thinned leading to mortality (or rate of death) for fir trees to increase drastically when compared to the control scenario.