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Week 10 PP

Submitted by cdkelly on Thu, 11/08/2018 - 23:18

Each environment chamber will consist of a styrofoam box with a lid, allowing for access to the enclosures and insulation of temperature. A thermometer will be attached to each environment chamber to monitor temperatures and ensure they are constant. The room temperature chamber will have not have any additional materials. The other two environments will have modifications that allow for the control of temperature above and below room temperature (See Figure 2). For the cool condition, an additional layer of plastic will be placed above a layer of ice. The layer of plastic will have a hole in it to allow for replenishing of ice. Melted ice will drain from a hole at the bottom of the environmental chamber into a receptacle. The ice will ensure that the chamber will maintain a cold temperature for the enclosures within to be subjected to. We will determine the ideal interval for changing the ice to ensure constant temperature prior to beginning the experimental procedure. For the warm condition temperature chamber, a heat lamp fixed above the box will maintain it at 25°C. Like the cool condition, we will determine how far to place the heat lamp from the temperature chamber for a constant temperature prior to the introduction of the enclosures.




The text is well written but reading it gives a sense of lack of flow. I would suggest connecting sentences with additional words that support previous statements.

The starting sentence of the paragraph seems like it is still working on an idea from a previous paragraph, so I would suggest joining them both.