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voltage and current relationship

Submitted by angelasalaza on Wed, 09/26/2018 - 20:12

Voltage, an electric potential per unit charge and current, electrical current carriers for the resistor, have a positive linear relationship. As voltage increases, current increases and there is a directly proportional relationship. Voltage is equal to the product of the current and the resistor constant. The parameters in the model are the slope and the intercept because the model is a straight line. The y-intercept is 0 because when the potential difference is zero, the current is also zero. The slope of the graph represents the resistance of the circuit. According to the LINEST function, the slope is 96.20658458 and the intercept is -0.01947332587.



The paragraph has a lot of informaion in it and is very well written. The only suggestion I have is that the first sentence is a little confusing due to the long list of similar words. I suggest either breaking it into two sentences or explaining some of the meanings of those words or phrases to allow your reader to better comprehend your writing.

Unfortunately the paragraph doesnt seem to have much of a flow to it. Rather it seems like a simple information dump and is somewhat robotic. Try to work on transitions from sentence to sentence and make sure the reader knows how they are connected to the previous sentence.