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Submitted by mtracy on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 18:21

The tetraodontiformes inclueds the puffer fish and its allies. These are commonly called T-Forms. The fish in this order have an intersting dentition in which the maxilla and premaxilla are fused together. They generally graze on reefs and are slow moving fishes. They may even use their large pectoral fins to grab onto the reef and move in fine scale movements. Many of these fish have modified scales erect as the fish inflates with water and act as a defensive mechanism to protect against being preyed upon. The fish may fully inflate in as quick as 4.5 seconds. T-form fishes have a very short vertebral column which makes them completely inflexible. The only movement that occurs is at their tail. Many of these fish have powerful toxins which also protect from being eaten. The T-Forms incldes 2 groups, the puffer fish and trigger fish. However, sometimes the boxfish is also included.