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Submitted by angelasalaza on Tue, 10/16/2018 - 15:05

From the equation, we can interpret that this line is a linear function through its equation bynegative 2 over 3 xplus4 following through the basic equation mx+b. Our representsnegative 2 over 3 x the slope and is the measured steepness of a line between the original point Y which is  4 units vertically. If we had a different equation asy equals 3 over 9 x minus 6 we can also graph it as a linear function because it follows our mx+b format. We would first find our Y axis and follow the units down from 0 to negative 6. Negative 6 is our Y intercept, there are two ways we can graph this equation we can either move up three units vertically and move 9 units horizontally OR reduce our given fraction m(x) and y-intercept since they all share a common factor of 3. So our new equation can begin again asy equals 1 third x minus 2  like our previous statement this equation follows the mx+B rule 2 units down from the original negative two units we graph our second point 1 unit up and 3 units across creating a new slope.