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Spider Observations - Draft

Submitted by sbrownstein on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:08

The spider was a yellowish, brown color and had long, pointy legs. The spider had a small body, the size of a sunflower seed, with legs extending far beyond itself.The spider has two small, black dots for eye. There are sall black colorations at it's joints in it's legs. The spider seemed to move around aimlessly, looking for an escape. It layed next to the carcus of it's previous meal. No webs were visible. It's movements were rapid and difficult to follow. The spider would shrivle up when it would fail attrying to move and escape. It's legs bent high over it's body. When the spider was not moving, it would seem unbalanced and easy to tip when the container was tilted. It had eight legs. The spider has small follicles of hair on all of it's legs. It's two front legs were longer than the rest. The spider has two joints in each leg. The spider has a white dot on it's rear end. The spider's underbelly is transparent.