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Spider Observations

Submitted by aswan on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:08

The dainty arachnid fits easily into the small plastic container. I am not sure what the species of spider it is, but it seems to very clearly be a spider due to it's physical characteristics. One of the main characteristics that identifies this as a spider is the fact that it has eight legs, a feature that applies to many arachnids. It rarely stops moving however it does stay motionless on its webbing which it seamlessly builds at the top of the container via its lower abdomen where it ejects a silky substance. The spider sits on the webbing in a stationary manner to most likely assist in its hunting efforts, so as not to disturb potential prey. Physically the spider’s legs are a reddish brown color that each has three to four dark brown spots in nearly the exact same order. The spider’s body is a dark brown bordering on black with several speckles on its back that are a white-yellow color. The speckles are very orderly and move down the spiders abdomen in a vertical direction, they have an almost diamond shape. Its two front legs seem to be the longest and most mobile reaching out when the spider is in motionHas two joints on each leg, and has speckles on the underbelly of its abdomen.