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Spider Observations 1

Submitted by jnduggan on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:05

The spider observed has a light brown exterior with slightly darker appendages. The spider including its appendages, is about the size of a quarter with the legs making up most of the area.  The legs of the spider appear to be about the thickness of a piece of average hair. The abdomen of the spider is slightly darker than the head which is a light brown that is almost white. Where the appendage bends, there are areas which appear to be slightly darker or slightly lighter.  The appendage bends 3 times before reaching the end. The legs form a trapezoid like shape and then bend slightly away from the body about a millimeter before the end of the leg to form what appears to be used for balance. The spider does not appear to have good balance as it tilted with the cup when it was moved.  The cup contained what appears to be the beginning of a web with small, white, tubular, thin filaments. The spider moved from the bottom of the cup to the top when flipped around. When hanging “upside down” the body does not make contact with the cup and the spider seems to be sticking to the “ceiling” of the cup with just its legs.  A few white/ light brown dots are observed in the cup.