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Spider Observations

Submitted by cwcasey on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:07

           At first glance, the spider presented to me in the plastic cup appeared to be a "daddy-long-legs," but after further observations I'm not so sure what it is. As all spiders do, this one has eight legs. However, the front two legs on either side of the spider are longer than the remaining six. The spider seems to uses these legs the most and appears to feel its way around the cup using its two front legs. The torso ove the spider is mostly off-grey with black flecks on its back. The under belly is a transleucent, almost whiteish color from head to trunk. When looking at the spider's head, there are two small mandibles with what look like little hands above them. these "hands" are constantly running over the mandibles like the spider is wiping its mouth. From what I can see, there are only 4 eyes on this spiders head. As far as behavior, the spider appears to be pretty docile.When i lift the cup, all movement stops completely until I place the spider back onto the desk. This behavior lasted a few minutes until the spider began to spin a web. Once this happened, the behavior became frantic and its legs were moving wildy back and forth all around the cup.