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Spider Observation Draft

Submitted by curbano on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:05

We are observing spiders in class and each student has their own spider to observe and right about. My spider has long, thin legs that appear to be a tanish color. The legs also have a black slash, white slash, then another black slash on each joint. I counted 16 joints total, each leg having 2 joints each. When I pick up the container, the spider moves around much more than when I sit it down. After the spider moves around, it always seems to go back to hanging upside down from the cap of the container. The second segment of the spider is much bigger than the first segment. The first segment is a tanish color and us where all the legs attach to. The second segment is a similar tanish color but has darker markings on it. At the very end of the second segment, there is a black dot. At the front of the second segment, there are white dots on either side of it. I wonder what these dots are and what purpose they serve. In the container I also see what looks like the remains of a web. The front two legs look like they are longer than the other legs. The longer legs also seems to have a lot more movement. The spider is not moving as much as it was originally. When I pick up the container, the spider tries to move to remain upside down. It was periodically walking around the container and it looked like it might have been working on forming a web.