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Spider draft

Submitted by msalvucci on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:04

The organism I am looking at is slightly see through. It has I think 3 body segments with 8 legs. The body segments are roughly 2 millimeters wide by 1 millimeter wide. The abdomen is the longest body segment and sticks out. The legs come out from the thorax I believe. The legs are jointed with brown spots are each joint. The legs are extremely long and hold up the body. They look very disproportionate to the body size as they are extremely thin. The body segment is very dark and less see trough compared to the legs. The organism is hanging upside down and I am not sure how. It has a teeny tiny mouth where it probably eats teeny tiny foods. The mouth has tiny antler looking things on the outside of it. The legs look a little bit polka-dotted. The organism is most likely a spider – an Arthropoda to be exact. The spider is moving around with twitchy leg movements and is moving very slowly – not precisely at all. The legs are flailing everywhere. The legs look a little bit fuzzy the more I look at them, but that could just be blurry vision. The front two legs are longer than the other legs. The 2nd to last legs are the shortest. When I touch the outside of the glass, the spider scrunches up and looks very scared and timid, almost as if it is trying to make itself smaller and hide. The spider is now not moving and it looks like it is either sleeping or relaxing. It is probably scared of me because I tapped the plastic cup – sorry. I am not sure if there is a web, and I do not see any other abscess coming from the abdomen like other people noticed. 5 mins later - Now it is starting to make a web! It is making a web across the flat part of the Tupperware thing. Sometimes it points it two first legs at me when it gets angry I am assuming. It is just hanging there.