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Sarcopterygians - PP

Submitted by mtracy on Sat, 12/08/2018 - 19:32


Sarcopterygians are one of the two classes of osteichthyes (the other being actinopterygians). This group includes all lobed fined fishes and may be divided into the dipnoi and actinistia. There are four characteristics which unite all sarcopterygians. These fish have monobasic paired fins, in which a singular bone articulates the connection to the fishes body. These fins also have a muscular base. Furthermore the teeth of a Sarcopterygians are covered in enamel. The sclerotic ring around the eye of a sarcopterygians is also comprised of at least 4 bones. Interestingly these features can all be found in humans as well. Technically we can be defined as a boney lobe finned fish. The only exception to this is that the sclerotic ring being comprised of 4 or more bones is often reduced or completely absent in mammals.



I would suggest rewritting the beginning and end of the sentences so that they connect with each other and facilitate the lecture.

I wouls try ans combine some of the sentences here into one sentence, as it sounds a little choppy at times. This would help the reader get a grasp of what you are trying to get across easier.