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Rethinking Stereotypes Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by sbrownstein on Thu, 09/13/2018 - 13:29

Two contradicting stereotypes were given to the Native Americans in the United States: bloodthirsty savages who attacked the white settlers or helpless victims who had their land and resources striped away from them. The two stereotypes are opposites, yet they possess the same stereotypical image. Native Americans are thought be be wearing feathers, braids, beads and holding spears. Modern Indians do not wear that apparel in this era, therefore society has a preconceived idea that they are no longer present in America. This idea is not true due to the large amount of Native American populations and land that still exists. Native Americans blend in with contemporary society.


Native Americans are not aknowledged by most of the nation due to the fact that their history and culture do not fit into the “Master Narrative”. The “Master Narrative” is the idea that all Americans have one single experience. This experience is a success story of our nation’s growth, based on unity, liberty and equality (Calloway 2-3). Native American history did not follow the typical American experience of accomplishment and therefore was ignored by many historians and Americans to this day. Native American history included hardship, resistance, and tragedy. Most Native American history is not accurate because it has been documented by non-Native Americans. The biased opinions skewed the truth behind the Native Americans beliefs, intentions, and actions in the past. This created a misconception across the nation and has shaped many of the stereotypes seen to this day.





The last few sentences of your last paragraph would sound a tad bit better if they were rearranged. For example, if you put the last senetence after you talked about how Native Americans no longer wear their traditional garb, i think it would flow better. Otherwise, it was very well written and informative.

Very good paragraph. However, the last sentence of the first paragraph is a bit vague/plain. You could maybe explain this sentence a little bit to add more content to the paragraph. The sentence "Native Americans blend in with contemporary society" seems very important to the paragraph so maybe you could spend some time on that sentence and explain your thinking.