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Rethinking Stereotypes Cont. Part 2 - Gened

Submitted by sbrownstein on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 10:23

As mentioned earlier, the typical stereotype of a Native American usually involves a traditional skirts with tunics, moccasins, beads, feathers, and braids. With this image plastered in many American heads, they often do not recognize or acknowledge the Native Americans that may be present in their everyday lives. Native Americans in this era wear normal clothing, go to work, have a family, and live in a house, like the majority of the population. In the short film, “I’m not the Indian you had in mind” by Thomas King, it was displayed that stereotypes of an average Native American prevented Americans from noticing Native Americans in their everyday lives (King). The short film continuously referred to well known cartoons and movies that portrayed Native American stereotypes. Those displays lead many to believe that savage behavior and traditional attire was how one can recognize a Native American. The Native American actors challenge the stereotype because they are dressed in casual or work apparel and describe their normal everyday lives (King). This proves that in addition to the negligence of Native American history, the stereotype of Indigenous peoples continues to ostracize and dilute their presence in modern society.