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Rethinking Stereotypes Cont. - History Gened

Submitted by sbrownstein on Tue, 09/11/2018 - 12:42

An additional reason as to why the nation may not acknowledge the Native American population is due to the fact that their history and culture do not fit into the “master narrative”. The “Master Narrative” is the idea that all Americans have had one single experience. This experience was a success story of our nation’s growth based on unity, liberty and equality (Calloway 2-3). Native American history did not follow the typical American experience of accomplishment and therefore was ignored by many historians and Americans to this day. Native American history included hardship, resistance, and tragedy. In addition, most of Native American history recorded is not accurate because it is documented by non-Native Americans. This has caused biased opinions to skew the truth behind the Native Americans beliefs, intentions, and actions. This has caused a misconception across the nation and has shaped many of the stereotypes seen to this day.