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Results draft

Submitted by curbano on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 21:41

There are a variety of differences between my original multi-panel figure and the replicated figure. First of all, the photograph of the spider web seems to be taken from a different angle than the original. It is difficult to see the spider web in Figure A. I observed that the pencil in the replicated figures facing a different direction than the original. While the photograph for Figure B is pretty similar to the original figure, the replicated version is closer than the original photo. I also noticed that the editing of the figures is drastically different from the original. The sizing of Figure A and B in the replicated multi-panel figure are much thinner and taller than the ones in the original. Additionally, I observed that the letters A, B, and C are significantly larger than the boxes they are supposed to be in. While the white box for C is in the correct place, the boxes for A and B are placed in a different spot than the original boxes. The letters are also missing a period after them. Finally, I noticed that the sizing and placement of the black star is slightly different between the two multi-panel figures.