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Reflection of Proposal

Submitted by bthoole on Thu, 12/13/2018 - 17:02

The proposal project was my favorite project of the semester. It was nice to work in a group and the openness of what the experiment could be was fun to play around with. The presentation that we gave to the class was easy to make and pulled a lot of information from what we had written for the final manuscript submission. I liked the collaboration around forming an idea for a project and finding other literature that was similar to our proposed experiment and could serve as a template for our methods construction. This will be an important skill for later in a scientific career when I have to think of and design a project. Next year I may have to do a literature review for an honors thesis and having done this project can help in my writing of a methods section for my project and for the overall aesthetic and layout of my thesis manuscript. It is my hope that I will have done publishable work and at the end of the year I can submit my research for review. Before that though, I have to propose a project and this project has helped show what goes into that process and how I can get ideas from similar projects to shape my own.