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Reflection on Perfect Paragraphs

Submitted by bthoole on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 10:25

The perfect paragraph assignment gave cause to less stress than the drafts because I felt relatively confident in my paragraph writing. With the drafts, it was a matter of reaching a quota, but I felt that each draft could have served as a perfect paragraph so writing one for submission was not going to be a problem. As I did the project, leaving comments on other paragraphs gave me a better view into my own writing. Looking at other people’s paragraphs and leaving comments aimed at helping improve them gave me a lens to view my own stylistic approaches to writing. I realized how I would set sentences up or how I would phrase something was different than others. I also found that sometimes I would leave a comment and realize that I could do a better job of looking out for the things I was commenting on too. This allowed me to better edit my own writing. Reading your own writing is usually difficult because you know what it is you are trying to convey, but by using a different viewpoint to edit your writing is helpful in evaluating if it is as easy to read as it could be.