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reflection draft 1

Submitted by msalvucci on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 12:21


    The METHODS project intrigued me because I haven’t done anything similar to a project like this in college. I knew this project would be a good challenge for me to write methods in a concise and effective manner. I used to think that my writing was very wordy so going into this project I knew I needed to write many drafts for these methods until I found a description that explained my process of finding a spider web in the best way. Throughout my process of writing my methods, I found that my writing ended up clearer than I thought. This showed when my peer student replicated my methods and the replicate was very close to the original. As for the actual report, I was confused as to how to write my findings in an efficient way. It was interesting to determine the distinction between observations and inferences. The practice in writing about these observations was helpful in expressing the findings about the replicate photo without being repetitive or confusing. This project was also helpful in showing how paragraphs should be split up. I never realized how big of an affect splitting up paragraphs has on the flow of scientific paper. I learned that it is important to keep alike topics in one paragraph, rather than scattering it throughout multiple paragraphs.