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reflection bio 551

Submitted by kruzzoli on Wed, 12/12/2018 - 15:28

As a first semester junior, Biology 551 was my first upper level course in my college career, prior to this course I only took mainly introductory level courses so this was one of the first challenges I had with taking this course. This class posed mainly challenges for me because it was also one of the first classes I took at UMass that was heavily based on teamwork and outside research projects. My previous two years were filled with lecture and exam style classes where I was not reliable for contributing to a group and most projects were small and individual. Animal communication improved my abilities to work with a group effectively and forced me to take a stronger hold on my education because I learned that I had to do a lot more outside class work in order to succeed in this class. This class improved my academic abilities, professional abilities, and sparked a stronger interest in the science of animal communication and the function of signals and interactions between animals within a species. It has also improved my abilities to think about how to carry out a research project in terms of thinking of a question and coming up with hypotheses and potential answers, and then developing a research method to effectively find an answer to the question.




Well written paragraph. My only suggestion would be to proofread for comas and punctuation. Would help with the overall flow of the paragraph. 

Unless this was done in a previous parahgraph, I would suggest that you introduce what exactly Bio 551 is. Later you refer to Animal behavior, which I'm assuming what Bio 551 is, though it would be useful to introduce this earlier to prevent confusion. This is almost like refering to something by acronym only, and then suddenly refering to it as its full name.

Looks good! I think it would sound better if the first sentence was separated into two sentences... with a period and start new sentence between "career" and "prior."