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reflection bio 551

Submitted by kruzzoli on Sat, 12/08/2018 - 14:46

This course involved a lot of group work and outside class involvement. Most of my classes before did not involve forming groups and all the work was individual and I have had very few research projects. I have improved as a student because I had to significantly improve my study habits in order to do well in this class. I had to work on bettering my study habits and focus on doing a lot of outside class work. I saw improvement in myself as a student throughout this semester in the fact that I improved greatly on the second exam and  I started to understand the material a lot more. Towards the end I was allowing myself time to actually go through class notes and do the readings which is not how I started the semester. I greatly improved my time management skills and I was better able to figure out what work I needed to do during a certain week and I was able to make a plan to effectively get all the work done in. Having to rely on myself to learn a lot of the material improved my skills as a student because I started to be better at finishing assignments ahead of time and I did the readings throughout the weeks instead of ignoring them. I also improved as a team member because I had to not only do well to account for myself, but to account for my partners as well. This meant I did not have the option of slacking. I also used a lot more software this semester that I have never used before such as Raven and JWatcher. Learning how to use these softwares gave me a wider range of professional skills and will also help me in learning how use new software in the future because I know I will have to read manuals and practice in order to properly utilize a new software given to me.