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primate draft

Submitted by angelasalaza on Fri, 10/12/2018 - 15:08

The adaptive origins of primates are concentrated around three theories, arboreal theory, visual predation, and terminal branch theory. Arboreal theory states that primates had evolved from their ancestors by adapting to arboreal living and have derived traits specifically for living in trees. Visual predation claims that early primates were mainly insectivorous, had adapted to forest undergrowth, and only inhabited the lowest tiers of the forest canopy. Terminal branch theory states that primates coevolved with angiosperm plants and adapted to having grasping hands in order to exploit flowers, fruits, and nectar.  All theories give evidence to why primates are born with specific traits but the most convincing theory is arboreal theory as evidence in strepsirrhines fossil records demonstrated early adaptation to arboreal living and suspensory locomotion.