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post experiment PP

Submitted by cdkelly on Mon, 11/26/2018 - 03:07

After allowing four days to elapse, all the data pertaining to the post-experiment web mass was collected. Values were compared to the original data collected for web mass. We observed that the condition with the lowest amount of web mass at the conclusion of the experiment was the cold condition. Furthermore, the warm and control conditions did not vary significantly in terms of the amount of web mass. The observation of the cold condition resulting in the lowest amount of web production had some confounding variables. Mainly, one of the spiders escaped its enclosure on the third day of the experiment. This would certainly lead to less web production since the spider was not present to produce web on the final day of the experiment. In addition, the ice replacement was relatively inconsistent due to time constraints. However, the other three spiders completed the entire experiment and the effect was still observed among those three.




This is a great summary of the results you obtained from your experiment. The only suggestion I have is to make the beginning of the paragraph less choppy. The first could of sentences could flow better if some transitions were added.