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perfect paragraph

Submitted by kruzzoli on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 14:57

Our research could be further improved by developing a more standard method of silk measurements. Within each cluster of silk we obtained from the three webs, there were multiple individual strands of various thicknesses. Different strands of silk could represent different types of silk, such as silk used for web production to catch food or silk that is made as a byproduct of spider function. Identifying different types of web produced by the spiders and only quantifying the same type of web would potentially give more solid data that would better indicate if a correlation between weight and silk thickness existed. We also had to move the spiders around to different locations because we had to bring them to the lab in order to use a scale and the microscope. This means the spiders may have been in states of distress that could cause disruptions in silk production. To better future research, keeping the spiders in the same location throughout the experiment might yield better results because the spiders would be in a constant controlled environment.

If we were to continue research, we could take web samples from more than just three spiders and standardize the measurements.



Nice paragraph! Just in the middle right before you start talking about moving the spiders around I feel like it could use some more transition words or more of an introduction because I feel like it jumped right into it abruptly.