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Parts to include for methods poster

Submitted by bthoole on Wed, 12/05/2018 - 18:12

-Colors: We chose to test the colors white versus yellow and cyan versus green in our experiment. Some species of crab spiders are able to change their color from white to yellow, and yellow to white. We decided to use white and yellow as a control in our experiment and see which side the spiders would prefer. In the RGB model, the color white is made up of red, green and blue all at their highest intensities, which is 255. Yellow is made up of red and green both at their highest intensities of 255, with no blue is added. Cyan is made up of green and blue both at their highest intensities of 255, and no addition of red. Green is made up of only green at its highest intensity of 255.

-Set up: We used two spiders in our experiment, and each was given its own tank. One spider was placed in a yellow and white tank, and the other in a cyan and green tank. The color backgrounds in the tanks were split right down the middle and the other factors including light entering, materials and temperature were kept constant between the tanks.

-Procedure: To collect data we took measurements once a day for eight days in a row. Everyday we collected two measurements. The first measurement was what color side the spider was on when we first entered the room and before interacting with the spider. The second measurement was taken after moving the spider to the middle of the tank where the colors met. We gave the spiders a ten minute rest period before taking and recording the data on which color side background the spider chose.