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Observations of a Spider

Submitted by sditelberg on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:08

This spider has a white body about the size of my pencil lead tip and is still in the web it has created. Its legs are very thin and translucent but appear transparent because of their width. The spider has now moved out of the side of the cup into the base and looks tan in color now. Body and legs, this spider is about the size of my thumbnail. It appears calm in its place in the web. It has eight legs, but its front two legs appear to be stretched out further into the web. When I move the cup around, the spider moves its legs but then calms down after the movement has stopped. The spider also appears to have two legs bent underneath it. It seems to be sensitive to disturbances as it mved when I picked the cup up ever so slightly. Its legs have three "sections" and appear to have two points in which they bend. They first rise above the body, outwards, and then down towards the body again. When I flip the cup upside down, the spider crawls up part of its seemingly invisible web towards the top of the cup. It remains stationary in its web like before once it reaches the top.

The spider's body doesn't touch the ground when it's stationary on its legs. One of the legs is pointed upwards, almost as if it is trying to sense the environment. It is hard to tell where the web starts and ends. As I turn the cup to flip it over the spider remains in its place, but it appears to be on the cup before the cup is flipped and not in its web. It is quite possible the web permeates throughout the cup. This could give us clues as to how long the spider was in the cup. It is impossible to tell if the spider has been making the web all along as I write since the web is invisible. I accidentally bumped the cup and sent the spider into a frenzy. It has calmed down now.