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nuclear debate

Submitted by kruzzoli on Wed, 12/05/2018 - 22:05

In the United States, energy generation emits most of the Co2. It emits more than transportation and industry and electricity is a needed resource in this day and age. Nuclear power is currently the largest source of carbon free electricity so using nuclear power would greatly reduce the amount carbon dioxide released. This is beneficial because Co2 is one of the major greenhouse gases that is destroying our environment, so if we can potentially find an electricity source that reduces CO2 emission, we would be taking a huge step towards creating a healthier environment.


2. There is a large push for both wind and solar power which are great environmentally friendly ways of producing electricity but they are poorly suited for large scale use because of their intermittent and variable supply. They depend upon the weather to create good supplies of energy and this is something that we cannot control, so their effectiveness cannot be guaranteed to run whenever needed and to produce as much energy as needed all the time. Nuclear power, however, does not rely on the weather to generate electricity and is therefore more reliable and better suited for mass production of electricity.