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methods/factors draft

Submitted by msalvucci on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 20:47

Upon comparing the two figure panels, multiple differences in the photographs became apparent. For the replicated figure B, the photograph shows more of the right side of the stair railing. The angle at which the stairs are photographed is slightly more straight-on than in the original photograph. This suggests that the picture was taken a different angle than the original image. Another observed difference is in the replicated figure C. The photograph shows a thumb, as well as more of the background behind the spiderweb. The UMass ID card also appears to be smaller in the replicated image. From this difference, it is inferred that the photograph was taken from farther away in the replicate photo, thus, showing part of the student’s hands and more of the background behind the spiderweb.

Multiple differences in the image lighting were observed between the two figure panels. In the replicated figure B, the tree and staircase has shadow lines and sunlight beams throughout the picture, whereas the original photo shows no shadows. Figure B is also has more vibrant, saturated colors throughout the photograph, unlike the original photo which looks more dull. The factor that is most likely creating these differences would be the time of day that these pictures were taken. The sun is highly noticeable in the replicated figure panel, whereas the sun in the original pictures looks less harsh. The weather also could be a factor affecting the picture quality, as the original pictures were taken on an overcast, cloudy day. The exposure of the lighting   The replicated figure C, has a darker look to it. The tree in the background looks dark and shadowed, and the rest of the background to the right of the tree is extremely bright. This is most likely due to the camera exposure and focus.