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Methods revised

Submitted by jkswanson on Wed, 10/03/2018 - 18:56


The very first thing I did to find out where to get my pictures, was look up where spiders like to make their webs.  This led me to begin my search in my backyard which is the trees next to the mahar lecture hall, I looked in the volleyball court next to Newman center and the bulletin board by the entrance of mahar. I then looked in the trees and found a few webs and used a measuring tape to compare the size of each web.  I then used the camera app on the iPhone to compare how each web looked in through the camera lens initially without any effects. This allowed me to select the best web for the assignment.


To get the two pictures I had to set some things up for a background and have a friend there.  I first looked at the spider web through the camera lens and noticed the green grass was too light of a background so I had a friend hold up a dark purple folder behind the web.  This allowed for the camera to pick up the web way better. I found the best angle to capture the web at, then I took pictures with the flash and no flash to find out which looked best and chose no flash as it did nothing.  I then pulled the measuring tape to about one foot and held it perpendicular to the camera just below the web so the image shows the size of the web. I then snapped a few pictures. To get the picture of the setting I backed up about twenty feet and used the camera app to focus on the tree with the spider web then snapped a few pictures of the tree and its surroundings.


The next step was to edit the photos to allow for the best presentation of the pictures.  I downloaded the free app Photoshop express onto my iPhone and uploaded the pictures to the app.  I also at this time found a map of umass on the umass website. In the photoshop app I used the pen editing effect to draw a circle around the area I searched and put a dot/line on the area where the tree with the web is.  I then clicked on the make collage choice and selected the three images. I arranged them to allow for the map to be displayed with the map key and for the picture of the web to include the ruler. I then downloaded the collage to my camera roll and emailed it to myself from my iPhone.