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Methods draft

Submitted by angelasalaza on Fri, 10/05/2018 - 12:14

The experiment provided instruction as to how the panel format should be presented in Swan’s method section. The instructor's guide began with opening Inkscape and begin importing the pictures onto the browser. That became a difficulty as Inkscape did not run on the current model of the experiment's designated Macbook pro. To accommodate the procedure the photographs were uploaded in the computer laboratory of Morrill two via USB import. The photographs were directed from the instructor’s method to be specific when placing in units of measurement by Inkscape and organize photographs in catalog order from the different views of the spider web and location. From the instructor’s guide, the experiment lacked consistency with the direction of measurement insertion, third-party help was needed to advance through the panel creation. The photographs were uploaded separately from the computer saved files and imported as images on to Inkscape. Each photograph is identified to serve purpose in this experiment the photograph of the stairwell demonstrated point of view and location in reference to the spider web, the screenshot of Live Maps identified the exact coordinates of the observer’s location and the dollar bill was used as a scale to identify size of the spider web.

The instructions followed a set of specific placement and measurements for each individual picture.  The x-axis location of the stairwell photograph measured 0.394 units across the x-axis, 219.951units above the y-axis, width of the picture measured 340.454 units, and height measured 250 units. All units of measurements were placed into the coordinate bar located at the top of the browser. Similar procedure was followed with the remaining two photographs but with varying units of measure. The photograph containing the staircase and spider web measured  0.394 units across the x-axis, 0.0 units above the y-axis, 340.454 units for width of the photograph and 219.951 units for the height of the photograph the screenshotted map measured 0.394 units across the x-axis, 0.0 above the y-axis, 340.454 units for width, and 219.951 units for height. All photographs were labeled at the top left corner with a white box outlined in black. Each box contained different measurements as to its placement the stairwell photograph was labeled with box A located at 0 units x-axis, 428.781units y-axis, 42.0 units for width of the picture, and 41.563 units for height of the unit, the screenshot of the map was labeled B with the measurements of 0.0 units across the x-axis, 178.781 units above the y-axis, 42.9 units in width, and 41.563 units in height and box C measured 340.454 units across the x-axis, 428.781 units above the y-axis, 42.0  units in width and 41.563 units in height. The last figure to be inserted had been an arrow measured at 245.877 units across the x-axis, 265.821 above the y-axis, 45.519 units in width of the picture, and 46.193 units in height on the photograph containing the stairwell photo pointing toward the placement of the spider web.

No observation could be made regarding differences between the original and replicate photograph of the spider web as the instructor did not upload the original photograph into the research project. Though it can be inferred that the replicate was inaccurate as it is too small to be viewed by the reader. The experiment performed was flawed as the instructions for finding the indicated location of the spider web was unclear no markers were used to indicate the correct location or placement of the spider web. Instructor’s directions provided a vague basis as to what stairwell is the correct one. The directions should have required counting each staircase to know which is the exact one used.


Figure 1 replicate