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Submitted by angelasalaza on Thu, 10/04/2018 - 13:52

For the methods project the owner required that a ten dollar bill was a necessary accessory to be able to accurately perform his experiment. This was interpreted as the controlled variable of the project instruction because no measurement or accuracy was required for the physical project. The instructor interpretted his location as isolated and calculated the distance between himself and the web through physical steps of his feet. The instructions directed that the web is located at Morrill four on a lower tier set of stairs. To find the accurate location of the map the owner instructed to use the entrance map as a frame of reference to prevent misunderstanding. Though his instructions intended to be specific as to what doors to follow there was inaccuracy in this project. There was no indication as to what was the correct set of doors when entering the building because of this the instructions had the inability to verify which door of Morrill four was to be the entrance. The instructions guided the participant to reach the lowest staircase of the door but did not specify whether the stairs lead to floor one, two, or three of the building and the distance between the web and the observer was not specified. The instructions did provide a specific requirement before taking the photo, though no distance was determined between camera and web.