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Katheryn Ruzzoli: Spider

Submitted by kruzzoli on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:12

The instructor came around to give each of us an object that he said was harmless, so already I was alarmed. He then came around and passed out jello shot cups with spiders inside of them. Luckily, I got a small one that was not yet on the move. The girl to my right requested a larger one, that dude was freaky. So sat inside of my jello cup was a little spider that was a golden brown color throughout the majority of it's body and he had 8 legs, I'm not actually sure if it was male or female though. However, he had 8 long spindly legs that each contained two joints, creating three segments. At each bend in the leg was a little white spot that was sandwiched by two black dots on either side. The remainder of the leg was the same golden brown color that matched the rest of the spider. The body of the spider was about the size of a grain of  rice, and all the legs emerged from the smaller segment of the body, leaving a larger portion of the body that looked almost like a tail. On this portion of the spider was a darker brown, almost black spot on the top of the spider, the underneath matched the rest of the spider. The two front legs were the longest and seemed to be used mostly for the spider to get a sense of his whereabouts. He seems to have individual control of each leg and moves them all independently, almost as if each leg has it's own specific job/purpose, which it might. I don't know much about spiders really so I'm unsure of their functions. He moved a lot throughout the cup but often just stayed still, overall not a very active spider.