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interference and observation edited #14

Submitted by angelasalaza on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 14:30

From the two panels, we can detect that the pictures are different because of the format the figures were placed. Figures a,b,c were spaced out in no specific measurement of indentation and the bottom figures b and c were entered in a larger scale than figure an opposed to panel two where all the figures were clumped together and figure a had been the biggest figure out of the three. The label of figures in the first panel was placed on the right bottom corner of the photograph opposed to the second-panel labels that are placed in the top left corner of the photograph. Panel one’s formatting also showed distinction through its use of angles and time frame. The first set of photos show a bush covered in snow half way up its branch, a tree located in a parking lot with a snow hill, and the library with the focus placed on a dead tree. The second picture tries to recreate the original copies but does not because figure a does not have the snow covering more than half the branch height as what was observed in the original, figure b has darker snow in front of the tree than the original figure b, and figure c is pictured at a different angle than the original. The format of the copied figure is not similar to the original either the figures are closed in the corner whereas the original has a more spaced out format with no mandated spacing. ​