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Genetics paper PP

Submitted by yurigarcia on Sat, 11/10/2018 - 00:19

Nowadays there are genetic investigations that identifies any risk of diseases. By doing this, it allows for people to select a better medication and to be able to get a better personalized care. Gathering this genetic information, it facilitates doctors to choose a better medicine and the correct dose with less side effects for the patient. In many countries around the world the study of genetics in their population successfully identified the risk of developing hypertension. Another example is an indication of surgeries that reduces the risks after finding that a patient may have any mutation in the genes that may develop into breast cancer.

Currently it exists many genetic tests for the diagnosis of many diseases and with the help of new technology, it accelerates great findings to be able to catch diseases early and  hope for treatment. 



I would avoid using the term "nowadays" in scientific writing. Rather you could say "Presently" "At thhe current time" or some variety of that.

I would revise this sentence: "By doing this, it allows for people" to say something more specific. For example, instead of saying "by doing this" you could simply say, "genetic investigtions allow for people to...". This would make the paragraph sound more consice. Other than that, nice job!

In the first sentence it should be "identify" instead of "identifies" since the subject is plural. Also I would revise the last sentence and say "currently many genetic tests exist..." rather than "currently it exists many genetic tests." It looks good though, over all!