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figure and table legend draft

Submitted by jkswanson on Thu, 12/06/2018 - 21:02

Figure 2 shows the setup of the 9 volt battery, alligator clamps, the resistor, and the LED on the outside of the ziploc chamber.


Figure 1 is a basic LED and 9 volt battery circuit, this is the circuit model that was followed for this experiment.


Table 1 is an Avg. of the distance of the spider from the LED in three days in each habitat. The web presence was also recorded and briefly described.  




We set out to try and see what effect LEDs would have on the behavior and movement of spiders in an enclosed habitat.  The data we collected shows that in the presence of an LED the spider will harbor further away from the LED then if it is not turned on.  This is supported by the data on all 3 days, comparing the no light groups to any of the groups with light show that the spider significantly prefer to be closer to the LED, or is able to be closer to the LED, if the LED is off. All of the spiders that were alive made webs starting at the LED and going outwards from there. This would usually be evidence that the presence of LED doesn’t have an effect on the web production or behavior. We believe it has no correlation though and that the presence of web on the LED is because this was the best and most efficient place for the spider to begin its web as the rest of the container is slick plastic.  This also makes sense because the rest of the data about the spiders location shows that spiders prefer no light as they are closer (some instances right up onto) to the LED. We also attempted to determine what LED color spiders prefer, red or yellow. The data collected for this procedure is inconclusive as it shows the preference for red on day 1 and the preference for yellow on Day 2 and 3. This statistically is not enough data to conclude a difference in preference. Overall this experiment has shown that spiders prefer darkness over LED lights but the presence of LEDs is not enough of a deterrent to stop cellar spiders from making webs even on and around the LED.