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Evolution Extra Credit - The Great Human Odyssey Part #1

Submitted by sbrownstein on Mon, 11/26/2018 - 17:48

The movie, The Great Human Odyssey, explains how humans evolved and spread throughout every inch of the world. It starts off by describing how it was almost unheard of for a species to be able to evolve into such an advanced population and be able to adapt to almost any climate. The movie showed many artifacts that revealed the development of the Homo Sapien mind and migration. The advanced tools, culture, and communication that resulted from adapting survival behaviors to benefit in unique environments allowed our species to become superior to others. The DNA in fossils found proved that humans in North America did not come from Europe, but came from Asia. Our intelligent minds enabled us to conquer not only land, but the sea as well. The technologies created to hunt, gather, and communicate prevented Homo Sapien extinction through drastic climate changes.