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Elevator Speech

Submitted by cgualtieri on Fri, 12/07/2018 - 12:10

The purpose of the experiment was to determine whether different variables of LED light affected spider behavior and web production. We set up six different enclosed environments: two with two different colored LEDs (red & yellow), two with the LEDs in different locations (top & bottom), and two with the LEDs turned off.  We put one cellar spider and two wooden sticks in each container, and left them in complete darkness under a cardboard box for three days. We measured the distance of the cellar spider from the LED in centimeters, and whether or not there was a web present, then analyzed this data. We observed that the LED light had no effect on web formation, as all of the spiders build their webs with one end attached to the LED bulb. However, the LED light did have an effect on spider behavior, as spiders exposed to LED light remained farther away from the bulb compared to spiders not exposed to light.