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Submitted by bthoole on Tue, 12/11/2018 - 19:54

The weekly drafts assignment asked for blog posts throughout the week. At first it seemed that the weekly posts would be a lot to handle, making daily posts about science can cover a wide ground. I thought it was going to be especially difficult because I was not taking biology related classes this semester. However, the posts helped me review other classes that I had previously taken and remember important details that I otherwise would not have had to remember. The assignment helped showcase the need to be able to write an effective paragraph in a short amount of time. This was not a daily essay, but a way to mark what had happened. This helped show how helpful it is to take notes from classes that are usually bulleted or sentences that don’t always have a complete flow and reorient them into a more condensed paragraph with clearer meaning. It is helpful to rewrite the notes this way because it gives a review and better understanding of the subject when you are the one who has to write about a something that was taught/told to you.