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Submitted by kruzzoli on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 13:54

New England is home to a very specific type of storm called a nor’easter. This is a storm that develops along the east coast of the United States and reach their maximum intensity around New England and the southern parts of Canada, just north of New England. The polar jet stream transports cold arctic air south across the plains of Canada and through the U.S. then this cold air travels eat toward the Atlantic ocean. The Atlantic waters are typically mild and warm during the winter months because of the jet stream. The difference in temperature between the cold air over land and the warm air over water fuels the energy needed to produce a nor’easter ( They usually develop in the latitudes between Georgia and New Jersey within 100 miles east or west of the Atlantic coast.  Nor’easters can occur at any point throughout the year but are most frequent and most violent from September through April (

Nor’easters travel north along the east coast and tend bring a lot of precipitation, usually in the form of snow due to the season in which they are most common.