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Differences in Pinecones (#24)

Submitted by mmaliha on Fri, 09/28/2018 - 14:31

Both sets of pinecones appear similar in shape. One set of pinecones appear larger than the second set, but it cannot be determined whether the cones are actually larger or there is just a different scale used on a zoomed-in version. The lighting of the two sets are different. In the first set, the pinecones appear well-lit on an ivory background. In the second set, the lighting is more dim and the pinecones appear to cast almost no shadow onto the light grey background. This difference in lighting causes one set of pinecones to look darker brown than the other. The pinecones in the second figure (one with 1 cm scale) also look more 2-d and planar than the  first figure, and contain a white border that the first figure did not have in addition to the black outline.

My inference would be that both sets of pictures feature the same pinecones on the same type of paper. One picture is taken with little to no artificial light available and no zoom, whereas the other one is taken with the 'zoom' feature and bright lighting, which causes one set to appear lighter and larger than the other. This might be the reason behind why the background texture remain the same even when one paper looks more ivory and the other dark grey. I would assume that the paper itself is more white than either ivory or dark grey and the lighting causes a difference in appearance.

The 2-d appearance of the second figure also makes the pinecones look more graphical, which gives rise to the possibility that these pinecones were not photographed at all, rather they were hand-drawn using Figure 1 pinecones as a model. In which case, the artist intentionally chose to portray these pinecones as darker and smaller (using a different scale).