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Submitted by yurigarcia on Sun, 10/07/2018 - 03:54

One of the new techniques that has revolutionized the genetics field is CRISPR-Cas by cutting DNA. This important discovery provides a way of editing the genome that was applied to DNA in many organisms such as bacteria, fruit flies and yeast. There is an immunity that CRISPR-Cas has by being in bacteria and archaea and are used to defend these organisms against invaders. Scientists have invented a system known as CRISPR-Cas 9 that requires two RNA molecules, crRNA and tracrRNA. At the end it will facilitate the use of gene editing and by recognizing the specific sequence of DNA that works better than restriction enzymes. 



While I clearly understand what you are talking about, it may be difficult for someone who is not in CNS to understand what CRISPR-Cas is. I would define CRISPR-Cas after your topic sentence and describe why it is important. 

I would expand more on the specific ideas you present. Specifically the genetics terms that you use, which are not that commonly used in general. 

In your last sentence, saying 'at the end' is a bit unclear. At the end of what? Maybe talk about the process of the developing CRISPR in a systematic way to clear this up. Or, restructure that first part of the last sentence.