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Chromosome shortening draft

Submitted by curbano on Mon, 12/10/2018 - 22:09

Chromosome shortening can be life threatening to any organism. If a chromosome shortens every time it gets replicated, vital and important information is going to get deleted. This will eventually lead to terrible birth defects or the cells not being able to function properly. Most likely death will occur. Because of this, there must be a mechanism to prevent shortening from occurring. DNA replication occurs so much to go right and must be very precise. If the alignment is not proper, chromosome shortening will most likely occur or errors will occur in the process. I feel like cells that have an error will be sent to cell death. It now makes sense to me why HIV can be such a deadly virus for humans. The virus infects and alters the DNA. In addition to that, it reverses transcriptase, which makes DNA from RNA templates. This causes a half DNA half RNA double stranded sequence to form, which ultimately leads to a single strand of DNA. A single DNA strand cannot be duplicated properly.