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Cellar Spider Observation Data- MM

Submitted by mmaliha on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:02

Observation Exercise


2 spiders.  1 very large. Legs are folded in 3 parts. 2 kneecap like sections.


The bigger spider is darker in body color- more brown. First kneecaps are dark brown/almost black. Second kneecaps contain a white section.

Both spiders go through periods of rest where they don't move around. Bigger spider seems to stay still despite small movement in the container. Vigorous shaking needs to be applied before they start moving again.


Their main body seem to be a yellowish quartz-crystal like structure, with a hole on the terminal end, which is not connected to the assembly of 8 legs. During their resting period, this main body (crystal-like in shape) lays on a flat surface. However, when all the legs are folded, their posterior seems to be a little lifted (perhaps 1/8 of an inch from the surface) The legs are coming out of the side of the thorax/head (however you distribute the anatomy) whereby two black dots can be observed. The first dot, closer to the abdomen is bigger in size , and a smaller dot (in closer observation, a collection of perhaps, eyes).


Would love to know where the mouth is.


The leg color (brown) is different from the color of the thorax (lighter brown) and the abdomen (yellow-whitish).

Smaller spider has similar abdomen (in terms of color and size ratio to the legs) , however, its legs are much lighter in color and thinner. Smaller spider is perhaps also younger.

There seems to be a hole in the back of the abdominal/thoracic area