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cellar spider expirement

Submitted by angelasalaza on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:23

In class on 09/07/18, 2:30 pm a cellar spider was brought into the room the spider had been placed inside a small sealed container compared to other cellar spiders in the classroom my individual spider was big. The cellar spider had been observed to be between two to three centimeters in lengnth and possibly one milimeter in width. The spider's body had distinct pattern two black dots above the head and eyes, one black dot on the tip of it's back abdomen, and a greyish yellow tint to it's overall coloration. Eight legs were found on the spider's body four on each side of the spider's abdomen and each leg had a specific black tint in where the legs were jointed. The spider remained relativey calm throught the investigation, though it did not respond to interaction as slightly shaking the cup did not produce movement from the spider.