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Addiction to narcotics pp

Submitted by yurigarcia on Tue, 10/30/2018 - 22:23


The deaths for overdose in the next decade will be more than the victims of HVI. There is an actual crisis of addiction of medicines that derivate from opioids in the U.S. This will cause a half a million deaths in the next decade. According to historians, everything changed in January 1980 with the publication of a letter of 101 word in the prestigious “New England Journal of Medicine”, that affirms the addictive capacity of these derivatives in hospitalized patients was negligible. 

As a result, doctors began using narcotics more freely. Then a study suggested that narcotics could be used with few side effects in patients with chronic pain that weren’t in serious conditions. With less fear of its use, doctors were progressively prescribing narcotics to patients with all type of chronic pain. Then in 1996 the laboratory Purdue Pharma started selling Oxycontin. This marked a before and after the crisis of the aggressive marketing practiced of that pharmaceutical companies. 

The American society reacted too late to the narcotics addiction and only last month a law was approved by the senate to control the problem. The use of narcotics in a patient with severe pain is an absolute necessity, but the necessary padlocks must be put in place to prevent their uncontrolled use from ending up causing addiction in innocent people.



Be sure to check your spelling. For example, in the first senetence, im assuimng you meant to say HIV but instead you said "HVI"

Sometimes you use unclear words like "this" without defining their subject in the same sentence.  Even though I understand what you are talking about, another reader may not.  

By "victims" of HIV, do you mean the people who have died from the disease or just the ones who have been diagnosed with it?

In-text citations for factual statements (like the first sentence).