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9/7/18 - Spider Paragraph- Erin Hardy

Submitted by eehardy on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 14:59

The spider appears to be a very small “Daddy Long Legs.” It is about the size of an average pinky nail. Its legs are very long and slender in proportion to it’s midsection. Both it’s legs and the top of its midsection are a very pale brown, but the underside of it’s midsection is whitish. Its midsection is comprised of two round sections, one appears to be a “head” and is small and round, while the other is a longer, slender oval and appears to be the body. It has 8 legs. The front legs towards the head are longer than the back legs. When the spider is in a resting position, most of its legs extend up, relatively straight out, and then diagonally back down to the ground, forming an obtuse half rectangular shape. These legs are triple jointed. A couple of its other legs are double jointed and extend up at a smaller angle relative to its body, and then back down.  It constantly prods at the walls of the cup it is in, appearing to be making efforts to escape. Its legs can move up and down, but also in a lateral motion. Sometimes it moves its legs in circular motions while prodding at the edge of the cup. When it is not doing these movements, it remains very still.