Methods Draft 2

Submitted by semans on Sat, 09/14/2019 - 15:35

Building the Figure

    I created a Google Slides presentation with a blank template. I changed the size of the slide by going to the File tab, scrolling down to Page Setup, choosing the Custom option, and making the slide 15.15 x 7.85 in. I added the “close-up”, “contextual”, and “sylvan_map” images to the slide. I cropped the “sylvan_map” image to include only the map up until right hand most edge of Parking Lot 44. By right clicking the “sylvan_map” image and going to Format options, and opening the Size & Rotation dropdown menu, I scaled the image to 9.84 x 7.95 in. Using the same method, I scaled both the “close-up” and “contextual” images to 5.31 x 3.92 in. I placed the “sylvan_map” image flush against the right side of the slide. I placed the “close-up” image above the “contextual” image, and fitted them in the remaining space, flush against the left side of the slide.

A Day In The Life

Submitted by kheredia on Sat, 09/14/2019 - 13:36

What I Did At Home

  • Woke up
  • Washed face
  • Brushed teeth
  • Made breakfast and coffee
  • Got dressed
  • Prepared backpack for class
  • Homework
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Sleep

What I Did On Campus

  • Went to class
  • Went to office hours


  • Bus to get to and from campus
  • Car for miscellaneous activities
  • Walking to the bus/classes

Errands / Extras

  • Went to USPS to drop off a package
  • Went to Aldi for groceries 
  • Went to a friend's house
  • Played some video games


My activities are broken up into four simple categories which made up my day: being at home, on campus, my transportation, and free time. In the morning, I woke up and turned off my alarm. After making my bed and checking the bus schedule, I proceed to the bathroom and start my routine by washing my face and brushing my teeth. I had time to prepare breakfast before leaving to the bus stop, so I made eggs and packed a granola bar into my backpack for a snack later on. Following this, I get dressed, put my planner and notebooks into my bag and grab my keys before heading out. Once outside, I walked for six minutes to reach the bus stop and waited for the bus. When the bus finally arrived on campus, I spent the rest of the afternoon going to and from classes. Today in particular, I had to stay on campus longer to meet up with a professor. After this, I took the bus back home and immediately had lunch and did some errands with my roommates. We went to usps to drop off a package, and then drove to Aldi to grocery shop for the apartment. When the errands were completed, I had some time to visit a friend and play a few games. When I came back home, I took a short nap before dinner and then started homework for the night. Later on I finished my work, and began my night routine for washing my face. Following this I brushed my teeth and changed into pajamas. I scrolled on my phone for about an hour once I returned to my room, and then finally went to sleep. 

Daily Activity Perfect Paragraph

Submitted by bkrislov on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:40

Organized periods of my day:
Organization, maintenance and prep period
Active day period
Evening recreational and free time period


Active Day Period:
At 11:20 I left via bicycle to the IBS building to arrive for an 11:30 AM Organic Chemistry class. The class went until 12:45 PM, and was composed of in class questions and lecturing. From 12:45-1PM I rode my bike to get a cup of tea and then travel to a 1 PM JPN preforming arts class. The class lasted until 2:15 PM, and afterwards I took a short walk with a classmate to listen to his plan proposals for starting a new club that helps pre-med students find work abroad. This meeting took about 30 minutes, until aproximately 2:45 where I began traveling via bike to downtown Amherst to meet up with my MCAT prep study group. The group dissolved around 4 PM and I traveled back onto campus for dinner and socialization.

Day Analysis

Submitted by bkrislov on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:38

Organizational and prepartion period:
At 9:30 AM I awoke to my alarm, turned it off and began  PT (physical therapy) exercises for my achiles tendon and then some light full body stretching for about 15 minutes. At aproximately 9:45 AM I entered the shower, and spent about 15 minutes cleaning myself and brushing my teeth. By 10 AM I was getting dressed and organizing my closet. Until 11 AM there was free time which I utilized by getting some reading done for one of my classes (JPN 226) and then receiving a phone call from my brother about the logistics of traveling to see each other this weekend. That lasted from roughly 10:40-10:55 AM. After 11AM I began assembling the items I would need for my two classes and filling my bag with them.  At 11:10 AM I left my apartment building to do maintenance work on my bicycle, adding air to the tires and greasing the chain.

Active Day Period:
At 11:20 I left via bicycle to the IBS building to arrive for an 11:30 AM Organic Chemistry class. The class went until 12:45 PM, and was composed of in class questions and lecturing. From 12:45-1PM I rode my bike to get a cup of tea and then travel to a 1 PM JPN preforming arts class. The class lasted until 2:15 PM, and afterwards I took a short walk with a classmate to listen to his plan proposals for starting a new club that helps pre-med students find work abroad. This meeting took about 30 minutes, until aproximately 2:45 where I began traveling via bike to downtown Amherst to meet up with my MCAT prep study group. The group dissolved around 4 PM and I traveled back onto campus for dinner and socialization.

Evening Free Time and Recreation:
At 5 PM I met at the Hampshire dining common with a friend for dinner. Social topics and sports topics were discussed over dinner until aproximately 6 PM. Once this was over I returned to North D to change clothes, and head to the gym. I swam in the pool for about 30 minutes, before working out for another hour after that until 8 PM when the gymnasium closed. After this, I returned to North D and showered off the chlorine form the pool. The remaining hours of the day were spent in recreation with roommates, watching a movie and discussing current events. I would estimate that the time of sleep began at roughly midnight.

Daily Exercise

Submitted by wdoyle on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:37

Daily Routine: Approx. 52.5 min

I woke up at 6:45am

Slept again until 7am

Brushed my teeth

Took vitamins 

Showered and changed

Made breakfast and coffee

Ate breakfast


Personal Health: Approx. 55 min

Did squats

Did deadlifts

Did power cleans

Did calf raises

Did leg extensions and curls


I was joined by a close friend today for my daily workout before heading to Umass. We started off with squats, doing 4 sets of 6 repetitions starting at 185 pounds and increasing 40/50 pounds each time until 315 pounds was done. We then rotated between calf raises and deadlifts. Calf raises being more of a burn exercise, we did 20 to 25 repetitions of 185 pounds for 4 sets. Deadlifts were done in a similar way to squats, with 4 sets of 6 repetitions done from 185 to 315 pounds. Additional repetitions were done to see if I could increase my personal best, and I was able to deadlift 405 pounds for a new max repetition. Power cleans were done next, but having not done them in a long time and being exhausted from earlier exercises, 3 sets of 8 repetitions were done from 95 to 135 pounds. Finally, leg extension and curl machines were used for 3 sets of 10 repetitions ranging from 145 to 175 pounds.


Transportation: Approx. 85 min

Drove with my friend to workout

Got back home

Drove to my Umass lot

Rode the bus to the ILC stop

Walked to my physics class

Went to a lounge between classes

Walked to the BCRC


Academic: Approx. 115 min

Worked on group problems in physics

Brainstormed/coordinated with my team what topic we would cover in our assigned physics project

Finished up the Scientific Literature assignment for this class

List of my days activities

Submitted by nkantorovich on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:34
  • I woke up this morning. (5)

  • I checked my phone. (5)

  • I put on my contacts. (2)

  • I got dressed. (10)

  • I brushed my teeth. (5)

  • I walked to the bus stop. (5)

  • I got on the bus. (1)

  • I walked to Frank. (5)

  • I ate breakfast. (25)

  • I walked to my physics class. (5)

  • I took notes (50 min)

  • I left my class (2)

  • I walked to work. (5)

  • I worked. (60)

  • I left work (2)

  • I walked to my Plant ecology class. (10)

  • I took notes (50 min)

  • I left that class (2)

  • I walked to my Neurobio class. (10)

  • I took notes (50)

  • I left that class (2)

  • I walked to MorrilI. (5)

  • I bought a snack.  (5)

  • I walked to my writing in Biology class. (5)

  • I ate my snack in the BCRC.(5)



  • Morning Activities

  • Transportation throughout the day

  • In-class Activities

  • Eating on campus

  • Transitions in the day


Transportation throughout the day:

Transportation takes up a large portion of my day. Walking is the primary form of transportation that I used on campus. I spent 50 minutes of my day today waking while I spent 10 minutes using other forms of transportation. I will list the breakdown of my day based on these forms of transportation. I walked to the bus stop and I got on the bus. I got off the bus at the first stop on campus and I walked to Frank. After a period of time, I walked to my physics class. At the end of my class, I walked to work. From there, I walked to my Plant ecology class. After that, I walked to my Neurobio class. At the end of that class, I walked to MorrilI II. From Morril II, I walked to my writing in Biology class.

My day

Submitted by mpetracchi on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:32

School work

Go to first class

Finish class walk around 

Next class in same hall

Do some homework

Meet with Grad Lab TA

Do homework



Go to frank/eat

Go to Worcester/eat

Go to hamp/eat


Morning/night routine

Wake up to alarm

Check phone

Get up from bed

Drink water

Go to the bathroom

Get changed

brush teeth

Do some HW if I have any

Get my school stuff


Get changed





Go to gym

Hang out with friends

Hang out



Head out to bus stop

Get off bus by fine arts center

Wait for bus

Go back to apartment

Drive to campus

Drive back to apartment


Paragraph for morning/night routine

On a daily basis I wake up at 9:30 AM to my alarm and turn it off. Then I check my phone for any emails or messages I should be responding to, mainly school emails or friends and family. Once I'm ready, I get up from my bed and stretch a bit before standing up. From here I go to the kitchen and drink some water because I get thirsty at night. I go to the bathroom and then back to my room to get changed. If I had missd any work in from last night I try nd get some done during this time. My stuff school is generally sprawled out on my desk so I pack it up in my bag. Now I'm ready to go out to the bus and go to school. Having this routine prepares me for the day and anything I may come across. When my day has concluded I make sure to shower and clean myself up before bed. I leave the shower and get changed for bed. From here I try and fall asleep quick to get the most amount of time sleeping

In-class Exercises

Submitted by imadjidov on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:30
  • Woke up 

  • Fixed the bed

  • Took a shower

  • Put some clothes on

  • Walked downstairs to eat breakfast

  • Rushed out the door

  • Turned on the car and started to drive

  • Got stuck on BigE traffic

  • Drove for 30 minutes

  • Parked the vehicle in Lot12

  • Rushed to the bust stop

  • Missed the bus

  • Waited for another bus

  • Made it on time to class

  • Participated

  • Walked to the cafe and had breakfast

  • Advising some students during the advising hours

  • Met with a friend to finish a hw

  • Tried to get lunch, but realized card was left at the car


Activities in the house: (60 minutes)

  • Waking up

  • Fixing the bed

  • Taking a shower

  • Clothes 

  • Walking to the car

Vehicle: (60 minute)

  • Turning on the car and starting to drive

  • Getting stuck in traffic

  • Driving

  • Parking

Bus Stop: (30 minute)

  • Rushing to the bus stop

  • Missing the bus

  • Waiting for another bus

Campus: (180 minute)

  • Made it on time for class

  • Participated

  • Breakfast at the Cafe

Advising: (360 minutes)

  • Advised two students at the CNS office

Meeting: (60 minute)

  • Meeting to discuss homework

Bus Stop #2: (30 minute)

  • Leaving money in the car

  • Taking a bus back to the car




I organized my daily activities as activities in the house, vehicle, bus stop, campus, advising, meeting, bus stop 2, and lunch. This morning I woke up without an alarm clock. I fixed my bed and took a shower. I did not have much time, so I quickly put on some clothes, and walked out to my car. I categorized such activities as being in my house. All such activities took a total of 60 minutes. The next activities took place in my vehicle. This consisted of turning on the car, getting stuck in traffic, and driving to the campus. All the activities took a total of 60 minutes. The next list of activities took place at the bus stop. I missed my first bus so I had to wait for another one. I made it to my morning class, I participated, and I had breakfast, which consisted of a single muffin. After my morning class, I did my advising hours. During advising, I helped two students with navigating Spire. After advising, I met with my classmate to work on homework that is due tonight. 

what I did in a day

Submitted by ziweiwang on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:30

The category that I have the most activities on is hygiene. However, when I listed the amount of time that I spent on each activity, I also spent the least amount of time on hygiene. I think that this is due to the fact that while there are many varieties of things that I do throughout the day that is related to hygiene but none of them actually take very long.  For example, brushing teeth and washing face only takes 5 min even the longest activity in this category, taking a bath, 45 min, is still shorter than things like reading, which I do at stretches of hours at a time. It is also interesting, at least to me that this category is the most reflexive of all of the categories. almost everything comes in the sets of twos. I brush my teeth twice a day. I change twice, I put on make up, and I take it off. This shows that the category often bookends the day. This is different from things like work where I just do a certain thing at a certain time and never come back to it at a later time. The short time, the number of activity and the fact that it bookends the day indicates that this category of the day is something that is necessary to my daily life but is not necessarily something that I would think to myself that this is something that I'm going to do today.











General Daily Routine

Submitted by bpmccarthy on Fri, 09/13/2019 - 15:28

Things I did on campus

  • Went to class
  • Went to the library to do homework
  • Ate lunch
  • Went to the gym and worked out

Things I did at home

  • Woke up
  • Got dressed
  • Made and ate breakfast
  • Did the dishes
  • Brushed my teeth
  • Did homework
  • Watched TV
  • Got ready for bed
  • Went to sleep

Getting ready

  • Brushed my teeth
  • Showered
  • Put in contacts
  • Getting dressed

Places I went to eat

  • Dining Hall
  • Home

Places I went to do homework/study

  • Library
  • Home



I woke and checked my phone. After looking at my phone for 10 or so minutes, I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I then head to the kitchen where I make breakfast and eat it. After I’m done with breakfast, I wash any dishes I used and return to my room to get dressed. After I get dressed, I brush my teeth and put in my contact lenses. I then gather anything I need for school and leave my house for my car. I drive to campus lot 12 and then walk to class. After being in class I head to the library to get some work done. I then head to the dining hall to eat some lunch, after which is usually time for my next class. After my last class, I head to the gym to work out. I then head back to my car and drive back home. Once inside I shower and then eat some dinner. If there is work, I feel needs to be done I would then do it, otherwise I would relax and watch TV or play guitar. Once I’m tired, I’ll get ready for bed and then go to sleep.


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